Accounting and Outsourcing

To offer its clients a comprehensive service, Bergstein has an accounting department, which provides accounting services, payroll services, tax filings and auditing services. Bergstein is also engaged in the preparation and evaluation of investment projects, auditing of financial statements, issuance of limited review reports, administrative controls dictated by the Employment Outsourcing Act, outsourcing services, and tax and accounting due diligence procedures.

Since the enactment of personal income tax over foreign sourced income, the firm offers full tax compliance services in this regard (tax calculation, tax filing and tax payment).

The following is a detailed list of services provided in the field:

  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards in Uruguay, for presentation to the company management, public bodies or financial institutions.
  • Analysis for optimization in the use of tax benefits.
  • Calculation of applicable taxes to enable clients to make timely tax decisions.
  • Comprehensive outsourcing services, including invoicing processing services, inventory controls, collection management, payments, accounting and preparation of financial and account management reports.
  • Preparation or revision of the monthly tax returns (VAT, IMESI) and withholding of relevant taxes in accordance with the company's business and annual tax returns (IRAE and IP).
  • Tax due diligence.
  • Tax defense and advice in tax audits.
  • Advice on the various promotional platforms offered by the Uruguayan legislation (free trade zones, free ports, international trading companies, holding companies).
  • Preparation and presentation of investment projects in order to obtain available tax benefits.
  • Preparation of mandatory business plan attached to free trade zone operation agreements.
  • Liasion office via-a-vis the Free Trade Zone Bureau.
  • Preparation of accounts/financial statements in functional/operational currency.
  • Monthly payment of staff salaries and preparation of receipts for payment (payroll).
  • Personalized management of confidential receipts and maintenance of confidential payroll.
  • Mandatory controls dictated by the Employment Outsourcing Act.
  • Expertise in the tax treatment of expatriates: tax consulting, filing of tax returns and tax payment services.

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