Real Estate & AgriBusiness

The practice area developed significantly with the growth of Punta del Este first and Colonia later; more recently, the group expanded its activities to include real estate transactions in rural and agricultural projects.

The practice includes acquisitions of real property, shipping contracts (contracts of sale and mortgage of ships), filing of real estate projects to obtain the benefit of the Investment Promotion regime, real estate financing, presentations of permits and authorizations from the competent authorities. All kinds of security operations are handled by the group, including forest pledges, machinery pledges, mining concessions and automotive mortgages.

The practice also includes the range of contracts that deal with the management of forestry and agricultural business in general, including rural lease contract, co-shared rural land use (aparcería), forest management contracts, and several non-typical contracts which have proliferated in the last decade with the rise of agriculture in Uruguay.

Among others, the firm has participated in the following real estate projects:

  • Advice to Finnish capitals in the review of land titles for the development of a pulp mill.
  • Advice to a Swiss-American group in the acquisition of rural land for the development of agricultural and livestock projects in Uruguay.
  • Notarial advice to British and German banks in the study of land title-deeds for the purposes of exploitation of a gold deposit.
  • Advice on registration, flagging, and mortgage for river transport barges.
  • Representation of a chain of hotels in the acquisition of a landmark residential building in Montevideo for office development.
  • Due diligence prior to the purchase to any real estate project.

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