Uruguay - Food Labeling - New Requirements

Uruguay´s Administration has recently enacted a decree that establishes the obligation of labeling those food products which contain an excessive amount of nutrients considered unhealthy (the “Decree”). In an effort to diminish the number of people who experience overweight, the Decree is aimed at providing consumers clear and detailed information about food products and their nutritional information. According to the Decree, ready-to-eat food products to be offered in Uruguay, must contain (in their packing) a black and white label with an octagonal shape. The label must read “EXTRA FAT”, “EXTRA SUGAR”, “EXTRA SODIUM”, as the case may be. The above labels will not be mandatory when the food products are destined to weight loss diets, dietary supplements or formulas for children. The manufacturers, importers and fractionators (“fraccionadores”) will be jointly and severally liable for the accuracy, readability and compliance of the new food labels. They will benefit from a 18-month period to adapt to the provisions of the Decree.

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